Jessica Chastain is gunning for that Oscar. This Fall she will star as the late televangelist, Tammy Faye Bakker, in The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Chastain produced and does her own singing in the biopic, which stars Andrew Garfield (Hacksaw Ridge, The Social Network) as Tammy Faye’s husband, Jim Bakker. Cherry Jones (Defending Jacob, Boy Erased) […]

By Abb Jones The Reelness Happy Pride from The Reelness! Not too many years ago, gay-themed movies were pretty much schlocky, low budget affairs, typically featuring crass, low brow humor. The few mainstream flicks that included gay characters usually relegated them as the sassy gay best friend. Then there were the really bad films that […]

By Abb Jones The Reelness In a blockbuster deal, Amazon has announced it is beefing up its Prime Video library by buying MGM Holdings for a whopping $8.45 billion. The deal means Amazon will own one of the film industry’s most iconic studios as well as a 4000 title film library that includes the James […]

Marvel Studios is giving us a peek at Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with its first teaser trailer for its big upcoming blockbuster, Eternals.  Written and directed by Oscar-winner Chloé Zhao (Nomadland), Eternals stars Gemma Chan (Crazy Rich Asians, Captain Marvel), Richard Madden (Bodyguard, Game of Thrones), Kumail Nanjiani (Stuber),  Salma Hayak, Lia McHugh […]

The long-awaited reunion of Friends, one of the planet’s most popular TV shows, is less than two weeks away. HBO Max says Friends: The Reunion will premiere Thursday, May 27th. The iconic hit TV series will, of course include all six of its original stars on the original soundstage in Burbank, California, alongside an impressive […]

By Abb Jones The Reelness NBC has announced it will NOT air the 2022 Golden Globes due to the ongoing HFPA controversy, putting the future of the embattled award show in serious jeopardy. “We continue to believe that the HFPA is committed to meaningful reform. However, change of this magnitude takes time and work, and […]

By Abb Jones The Reelness Amazon Studios has joined Netflix’s newly-announced boycott of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association due to its complete lack of black members. This severing of ties from the two content providers Friday night comes a day after the 86-member HFPA approved a proposed list of reforms to correct its absence of […]

by Abb Jones The Reelness Oscar winning actress Olympia Dukakis has died at her home in New York City, surrounded by family and friends. Born in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1931 to Greek immigrants, Dukakis was known as a charismatic actress who lived by her own rules, pursuing her passion rather than fame. Initially a stage […]

Jean Smart stars in this upcoming HBO Max comedy series about a middle aged stand-up comic who begrudgingly hires a feisty young comedy writer to salvage her waning career and again make her relevant. Initially, neither is excited about working with the other, each believing the other to be a hack. (Hence the title.) Smart, […]

By Abb Jones The Reelness Nomadland was the big winner at the 2021 Oscars, winning Best Picture, with Frances McDormand and Chloé Zhao picking up Oscars for Best Actress and Best Director. Impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a drastically dialed down (i.e. a boring, movie clip and performance free) affair, taking place at […]