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A British schoolteacher living a quiet life in Spain with her husband and daughter finds that life upended after she shows off some impressive combat skills to stop a robbery at her local supermarket. Evin Ahmad stars in this Netflix crime series.

Evin Ahmad in Who Is Erin Carter?

The likability of the main character, thanks to Ahmad’s spot-on performance, is probably the number one reason to see this series through all of its seven episodes. Every time our protagonist has something important about to happen in her new, ordinary life, something dramatic happens to drag her back into her mysterious old one. There are a lot of fight scenes, car chases and dead bodies.

Indica Wilson and Evin Ahmad in Who Is Erin Carter?

Flashbacks eventually reveal the details of Erin’s past, and it is all pretty predictable stuff, despite some odd, jarring tonal shifts from violence to comedy and some bloated middle episodes that easily could have been tightened. Other acting standouts are Indica Wilson as the daughter, and Susannah Fielding as Erin’s increasingly suspicious friend and coworker, Olivia. While Who Is Erin Carter? won’t change the world, if you are in the mood for a breezy and sometimes silly crime drama, you could certainly do worse.


• Swedish-born Evin Ahmad is of Kurdish ancestry. Her acting credits include 2020’s Ring Momma!, and  the 2018 Netflix young adult sci-fi series, The Rain.

• Indica Wilson has been acting since she was five years old. Her acting credits include 2021’s The Laureate, 2021’s The Electrical Life of Louis Wain and 2019’s Radioactive.

• While Who Is Erin Carter? has not yet been renewed for a second season, it likely will, after topping the Netflix Global Top 10 chart and reaching #1 in 82 countries.



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