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Jennifer Lawrence stars in this bawdy romantic-comedy as a down-on-her-luck Uber driver in Montauk, New York, who, after losing her car and facing foreclosure on her home, answers an online ad placed by a couple of helicopter parents offering a car in exchange for “dating” their socially naive, introverted, 19-year-old son before he leaves for college. The story from director Gene Stupnitsky (Good Boys) is based on a real-life Craigslist ad.

Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman in No Hard Feelings

J-Law absolutely crushes it as the emotionally stunted woman/child, with a scene-stealingly good Andrew Barth Feldman as Percy, the teenage virgin who is equal parts ridiculous and endearing. The two have great comic timing and on-screen chemistry. No surprise – as they get to know one another, they open up about past traumas and end up forming a genuine friendship. Cue the physical comedy, the full-frontal nudity and poignant life lessons!

Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman in No Hard Feelings

While the story is exceedingly predictable and some of the jokes fail to land, most of them do, and several are even uproariously funny. After a raunchy first act, Stupnitsky smartly guides his comedy into more charming and sweet waters, including a message to parents about the importance of letting teenagers learn how to make their own mistakes and live on their own. No Hard Feelings is a feel-good charmer – a testament to the benefits of human kindness.


• Jennifer Lawrence says Andrew Barth Feldman’s improvisational abilities are on par with Christian Bale, whom she co-starred with in 2013’s American Hustle.

• 21-year-old Andrew Barth Feldman, who portrayed Evan Hansen in Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen, took a semester off at Harvard University to make this film.

No Hard Feelings was filmed on New York’s Long Island.

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