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More than 20 years after she experienced a traumatic incident at a national park in Northern California, a woman haunted by that childhood memory gets a job there as a back-country ranger. But what starts off as an attempt to reconcile her murky childhood trauma becomes a journey that has her questioning her sanity. Georgina Campbell stars in this horror/thriller.

Georgina Campbell in Lovely, Dark, and Deep

In her directorial debut, writer/director Teresa Sutherland incorporates a chilling score with lots of trippy upside-down visuals and overhead drone footage to create a creepy, claustrophobic vibe. The park, it turns out, has a long history of missing persons. And the longer she is there, the more unreliable our protagonist’s experiences become.

From Lovely, Dark and Deep

Campbell (Barbarian) does an excellent job carrying the movie, despite a strange screenplay that is slow and muddled and lacks focus. Sutherland clearly knows how to create a creepy vibe – it’s just a shame that this style-over-substance horror has so little to say otherwise.


• Teresa Sutherland’s writing credits include the 2021 mini-series Midnight Mass and the 2018 horror/mystery, The Wind.

• English actress and model Georgina Campbell will next appear in M. Night Shyamalan’s 2024 horror The Watchers.

• Although set in Northern California, Lovely, Dark, and Deep was filmed in Portugal.


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