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An insecure writer is sent into an emotional tailspin after she accidentally and awkwardly overhears her husband tell her brother-in-law that he has lied to her and really doesn’t like her new novel. Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars in this romantic dramedy from writer/director Nicole Holofcener.

Tobias Menzies and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in You Hurt My Feelings

This reunion of Louis-Dreyfus and Holofcener, ten years after their hit romantic dramedy Enough Said, is proof that these two women really do have an uncanny rapport – Holofcener with the ability to write impeccably realistic dialogue and Louis-Dreyfus with the ability to deliver it in an equally impeccable way that feels completely raw and authentic. The fun supporting cast includes Tobias Menzies (The Crown) as her therapist husband and Michaela Watkins (The Way Back, Enough Said) as her pragmatic, interior designer sister.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in You Hurt My Feelings

The only real down side to the film is the subject matter itself, which feels overly neurotic, tedious and slight compared to Holofcener’s other work. Even so, You Hurt My Feelings is still a clever, albeit exhausting exploration of brutal honesty in relationships and the emotionally insecure narcissism of artistic creators that also showcases Louis-Dreyfus’ comic timing in the best possible way.


• Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the most awarded American television actress in history, receiving a record 11 Primetime Emmy Awards (including six in a row from 2012-2017 for Best Lead Actress in Veep) and nine Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Nicole Holofcener on the set of You Hurt My Feelings

• Nicole Holofcener’s screenwriting resume includes the films The Last Duel, Can You Ever Forgive Me? and in television, several episodes of Sex and the City.

David Cross and Amber Tamblyn in You Hurt My Feelings

• Amber Tamblyn and David Cross are married in real life. This is the first film in which they appear together.


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