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Jason Statham stars in this giant shark thriller as the leader of a deep sea team trying to rescue fellow divers (among them, his ex-wife – how convenient!), trapped in a submersible in the Mariana Trench, where, years before, he had encountered the long-believed extinct, Megalodon. When “The Meg” follows them back from the trench, the body count rises.

Let’s just suspend disbelief for a second, because this is a movie with one goal – to mindlessly entertain/scare the bejesus out of moviegoers, and to that purpose, it does just an adequate job. (It is pretty hard, after all, for a 70-foot shark to sneak up on you.) So yes, you see all the attacks, and cheesy dialogue between Statham and his exceptionally attractive female castmates (Bingbing Li, Ruby Rose, Jessica McNamee) coming a mile away. And when the venue changes from the undersea station to the surface, and later, an overcrowded Chinese beach, The Meg unfortunately jumps the shark, giving us less Jaws and more Deep Blue Sea meets Piranha 3D with a touch of Sharknado.


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