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A newly-hired prosthetics engineer at a tech firm is given an Artificial Intelligence (AI) manservant to help around the house. But when T.I.M. – Technologically Integrated Manservant – starts to become obsessed with her, things go terribly awry. Georgina Campbell (Barbarian) and Eamon Farren (The Dig, Winchester) star in this sci-fi/horror thriller.

Georgina Campbell, Eamon Farren and Mark Rowley in T.I.M.

Working from a screenplay he wrote with novelist wife Sarah Govett, stand-up comedian-turned-director Spencer Brown trots out all the familiar AI tropes – a futuristic-looking contemporary home, a strained marriage plagued by infidelity, and a creepy-looking AI that quickly oversteps its boundaries to become a killing machine. It’s a pretty blatant knockoff of 2023’s M3GAN, just without children – or the strange dance moves.

Eamon Farren and Georgina Campbell in T.I.M.

Acting-wise, the performances are fine enough, with Farren pretty convincing as the deranged AI. And production-wise, T.I.M. is at least a stylish-looking sci-fi/thriller. Despite it being nothing new and the finale devolving into silliness, there are worse ways to kill an hour and 40 minutes if you REALLY want to see another predictable AI thriller.


• T.I.M. first appeared on Netflix in the United Kingdom in August 2023.

• Georgina Campbell will next appear in the June 2024 horror/thriller The Watchers, directed by M. Night Shyamalan’s daughter, Ishana.

Stand-up comedian and writer/director Spencer Brown

• Spencer Brown is host of The Sexy Ads Show on Britain’s Channel Five.


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