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A James Bond-type agent and his West Hollywood-based team of LGBTQ spies finally get their big break, in this hilarious, politically incorrect, very adult-themed Netflix animated comedy that stars Sean Hayes, Wanda Sykes, David Harbour and Laurie Metcalf.

Patti Harrison as Stat, Wanda Sykes as Deb, Sean Hayes as Agent Mary and David Harbour as Buck in Q Force. 

Created by Gabe Liedman (PEN15, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Inside Amy Schumer), Q Force is chocked full of quick-witted zingers, full frontal male nudity and subversive commentary about the straight world’s stereotypes about, and discrimination towards, the LGBTQ community. Think of it as a gay-themed take on Archer. But it also doesn’t shy away from leaning into gay stereotypes for its humor. Among its hilarious plots: team member Twink using his special talent for doing drag, to go undercover as Ariana Grande at The Abbey; a Charlie’s Angels-type undercover team at the “Europevision” Song Contest; and the team infiltrating an underground L.A. circuit party to expose police corruption. The jokes are clearly by gay people for gay people – and they are pretty hilarious.

In addition to the main cast, Q Force features a pretty impressive, all-star voice line-up. Among them: Dan Levy, Allison Janney, Jane Lynch and Drew Droege (of Chloe Sevigny YouTube parody fame). Some of the story lines drag (no pun!) a bit, but at a time when so many people seem hyper-sensitive about even the slightest off-color humor, Q Force proves it can be silly, smart and even poke fun at its own stereotypes, while still tackling serious issues within the gay community.


Q Force creator Gabe Liedman.

• Gabe Liedman, who is married to Canadian writer Daniel Zomparelli, was nominated for the Writers Guild of America Awards in 2019, 2020 and 2021 for his work on the Hulu TV comedy series PEN15.  He also provides the voice of Agent Mary’s boyfriend Benji in the series.

• Liedman says more than half of the writing and all of the acting and animation for Q Force had to be done in isolation due to the COVID pandemic.

• Drew Droege, who is the voice of Dr. Hammond in Q Force, gained fame for his YouTube parody videos pretending to be an oh-so-serious, pretentious version of actress Chloe Sevigny.



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