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This all-female sequel to the Ocean’s 11 and 12 buddy crime capers has Danny Ocean’s recently incarcerated sis Debbie (Sandra Bullock) planning the heist of a rare Cartier diamond necklace at the upcoming Met Gala, with some help from her assorted crime buddies.

Even if you can suspend disbelief over the sloppily conceived and utterly preposterous story, its paint by the numbers plot seems confused as to whether to play it as a crime thriller or a mindless screwball comedy, clumsily failing to execute either all that well.

That said, Ocean’s 8 does have some funny moments. The standouts? Anne Hathaway’s sendup of a neurotic, prima donna actress and Awkwafina’s street hustler. The slew of cameos (particularly those at the end) are nice touches too.

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