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A tech savvy Los Angeles teenager turns into an online detective after her mother and mother’s new boyfriend fail to return home from a vacation in Colombia. Storm Reid (Euphoria, A Wrinkle in Time) and Nia Long star in this crime mystery of ever-changing perceptions.

Storm Reid and Megan Suri in Missing

Just as they did in the 2018 thriller Searching, whose story gets briefly name checked in the opening sequence, writer/directors Nicholas D. Johnson and Will Merrick (who were editors on that prior film) do an impressive job incorporating modern technology as a key component in their mystery/thriller, which has lots of twists, turns and red herrings. Reid does a good job conveying both moxie and teen angst as each new clue totally upends her character’s perspective of what has transpired.

Ken Leung and Nia Long in Missing

Unfortunately, also like their prior film, Missing ultimately devolves into an almost laughably far-fetched finalé. Entertaining? Yes, thanks to some clever, frenetic editing. But ultimately the story is just so infuriatingly silly that you will feel gypped.


• Atlanta-born Storm Reid also had an appearance as Riley in an episode in the HBO sci-fi series The Last of Us.

• More than a third of all internet passwords contain the name of the user’s pet.

Missing was filmed in Los Angeles and in Cartagena, Colombia.


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