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Director Wes Anderson pulls out all his trademark quirky stops, and stop-motion animation, in this epic tale of a Japanese boy in search of his dog on Trash Island, the new home of Megasaki City’s exiled dog population after an outbreak of dog flu. Anderson is at his animated best, incorporating a cleverly-written ode to man’s best friend with loads of exquisitely detailed visuals, delightfully clever dialogue (and subtitles!) and a TON of dog characters – perhaps confusingly too many – standouts being the stray Chief (Bryan Cranston), the ironically pedigreed doggy trick expert Nutmeg (Scarlett Johansson) and the hilarious scene-stealing “psychic” pug, Oracle (Tilda Swinton). Dog-loving Anderson fans will adore this winsome film and even his nonfans will like it… a lot.

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