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Bored with her life as a social media influencer promoting products and pretending to be more fabulous than she really is, a lonely young woman backpacking solo through Thailand gets more adventure than she bargained for when she is befriended by a mysterious young woman.

Emily Tennant and Cassaundra Naud in Influencer

Working from a pretty clever screenplay he co-wrote with Tesh Guttikonda, director Kurtis David Harder explores the darker side of online fame in this story chocked full of surprising plot twists. Emily Tennant (Mr. Young) is our influencer, with Cassaundra Naud as C.W., the chameleon-like predator lurking in the shadows whose clever use of technology helps her in her diabolical mission. Both actresses give compelling performances, with a supporting cast that includes Rory J. Saper as our influencer’s boyfriend, and Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries, Remedy) as another social media influencer visiting Thailand whom C.W. also sets her sights on.

Sara Canning, and Cassaundra Naud in Influencer

With opening credits that don’t appear until nearly 30 minutes into the film, at times the unconventional story veers into some pretty far-fetched scenarios while at the same time suffering from a sluggish midsection. But with plenty of exotic visuals, a slick production and pacing that does pick back up for an intriguing finalé, Influencer might just have you thinking twice before checking-in online the next time you travel.


Cassaundra Naud

• Cassaundra Naud says her large birthmark on the left side of her face is “a huge part of me. It makes me unique and memorable.” In addition to acting, the Alberta, Canada-based Naud is a professional dancer.

• Canadian Emily Tennant’s film credits include 2020’s Sniper: Assassin’s End and 2018’s Open 24 Hours as well as television and animated voice work.

• Director Kurtis David Harder (Spiral) says filming in Thailand originally was scheduled to begin in 2020 but was delayed a year and a half due to the COVID pandemic.


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