The sun reportedly has set on Henry Cavill’s career as Superman. Five years after appearing in what would be the first of his three films as the Man of Steel, The Hollywood Reporter says the British actor is hanging up his red cape. Wednesday’s report came after talks between Warner Bros. and Cavill broke down […]

Burt Reynolds, the former football player who would later become a hugely popular and Oscar-nominated actor, starring in such iconic films such as Deliverance, Smokey and the Bandit and Boogie Nights, has died at the age of 82. Reynolds died Thursday morning at Jupiter Medical Center in Florida from cardiac arrest. Although Reynolds won a […]

The surprisingly larger than expected revenue haul by The Meg at the box office this past weekend has gotten us wondering: Just how well DO shark movies typically do at the box office? Ever since 1975’s classic Jaws, moviegoers have been fascinated by the fierce ocean predators, which, in addition to spawning Jaws 2, and the increasingly […]

MoviePass is making yet another change to its subscription service, this time announcing it will soon limit customers to three movies per month for the $9.95 monthly subscription fee, effective August 15th. In an interview published Monday in The Wall Street Journal, MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe says his company is focusing on the 85% of […]

Three years after the big series finale, a Downton Abbey movie is set to begin production in a few weeks. The popular TV series followed the fictional Crawleys and the servants who worked at the aristocratic family’s English country estate at the turn of the 20th century. Show creator Julian Fellowes wrote the screenplay for […]

More details are coming to light about British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s controversial new Borat-styled satirical TV series, “Who Is America?,” which premieres on the Showtime network Sunday. (Look for our review afterwards.) And from the looks of it, he’s taking on nearly everyone in American politics. Among the growing list of big name politicians […]

1950s Hollywood heartthrob Tab Hunter, who rose to fame with his California surfer looks, has died, three days short of his 87th birthday, according to a post on his Facebook page late Sunday night.   Allan Glaser, Hunter’s life partner for more than 30 years, says Hunter died suddenly from a blood clot that caused […]