by Abb Jones
The Reelness

So long, Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The 105-member organization announced Monday that it is disbanding and has sold its assets, rights and properties associated with the Golden Globes to Dick Clark Productions and Eldridge.

Golden Globes have been awarded since 1944.

With the HFPA now DOA, its new owners will need to move ASAP to determine who will nominate and vote on nominees for next year’s Golden Globes, which is scheduled for January 7, 2024. Dick Clark Productions also must now go about the business of finding a television broadcast partner.

NBC resumed televising the annual awards show earlier this year after a one-year hiatus, which occurred following a scathing 2021 Los Angeles Times investigation which sparked a huge boycott by celebrities and movie studios due to the HFPA’s lack of racial diversity among its members and nominees, and for questionable business practices and accusations of improper behavior. Insiders have long accused the tax exempt HFPA of being second-rate hacks that excludes legitimate journalists from mainstream publications and media outlets, as they subsidized their incomes with junkets in exotic locales, where they were put up in five-star hotels and lavished with gifts, dinners and star-studded parties as nominations season drew near.

According to Monday’s news release, the transaction will result in the creation of the Golden Globe Foundation, which the HFPA says will continue the legacy of charitable giving.


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