By Abb Jones
The Reelness

Emmy-award winning actor Leslie Jordan, best known for his roles in Will & Grace, American Horror Story, The Help and Sordid Lives, has died after crashing his car into the side of a building in Los Angeles Monday morning. It is suspected that he suffered from a medical emergency.

Leslie Jordan as Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram in the 2000 comedy Sordid Lives

Jordan’s earliest success in entertainment was as Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram in the stage play Sordid Lives, which was adapted into a 2000 cult comedy. But it was in 2006 that he won the Emmy Award for guest actor in a comedy series on Will & Grace, for playing socialite Karen Walker’s sexually ambiguous, socialite frenemy Beverly Leslie.

Jordan’s other television shows credits include Ally McBeal, Ugly Betty, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Reba, Nash Bridges and three different characters on three seasons of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story – the Coven, Roanoke and 1984 installments.

The 4’11” entertainer became a social media phenomenon in 2020, gaining millions of followers on Instagram due to hilarious videos he posted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leslie Jordan became an Instagram celebrity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leslie Jordan was 67.


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