America’s movie theater subscription battlefield just got a little more crowded.

Tuesday marks the start of Regal Cinemas’ Regal Unlimited, the latest all-you-can-watch movie subscription plan, similar to AMCs’ Stubs A-List and Cinemark’s Movie Club.

Regal Unlimited’s three pricing tiers

Regal Unlimited plans start at $18 a month plus taxes, and require an annual subscription. Unlike its competitors, Regal Unlimited has three subscription tiers, depending on how many theaters you want to access with your subscription. Regal also is charging an additional 50 cent service fee for each booking and imposes special surcharges for IMAX and 3D films, features that AMC’s Stubs A-List, which includes access to all its theaters for $21.95/month, includes at no additional charge.

It remains to be seen whether Regal’s less enticing, late-to-the-game offer will make a dent in AMC’s domination of the U.S. movie subscription market. Earlier this month, the one-year-old A-List hit the 860,000 member mark. Its subscribers can see up to three movies per week and receive discounts on concessions.

Cinemark’s $8.99/month Movie Club service provides subscribers with a credit for one 2D ticket per month and a 20% discount on concessions. Users can rollover unused credits to use in later months. Earlier this year, Cinemark reported having more than 560,000 subscribers.

Ironically, the biggest loser in the movie subscription battle is the one that started it – MoviePass – which suspended service earlier this month (it claims temporarily, to revamp its service). Business Insider reports MoviePass has hemmoraged nearly 90% of its one-time base of three million subscribers in the past year, due to a myriad of quixotic pricing changes and severe restrictions on the movies available to its subscribers.

Those wishing to join Regal Unlimited must download the free Regal app and click on the Regal Unlimited banner.


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