Comedian Kathy Griffin is sharing some sad news about her mom Maggie.

Griffin took to Instagram Thursday night to share with her fans that her 98-year-old mother, who gathered a huge following as a result of her appearances on Griffin’s reality TV show My Life on The D List, is suffering from a rapid decline from dementia.

Griffin posted several photos and videos, including one taken last September of Griffin bedside with her mom, which Griffin says was the last time she and Maggie were able to have a coherent conversation. Griffin says her mother’s illness has been the reason she hasn’t shared more videos of her mother in recent months.

“Her mind was so naturally quick, funny and smart. No one could get anything past her. Watching that slip away so fast has been devastating.” -Kathy Griffin 

Kathy Griffin’s mom Maggie in happier times.

Griffin says her mother is not in pain and is getting the best 24-hour care possible.

“She loved making people happy and making people laugh. And trust me, I know she was the bigger star… thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us a lifetime of memories.”

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