Cue the confetti cannons! Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race concluded Thursday night on VH1 with the coronation of a new winner from downtown Los Angeles.

Let’s recap!

Okay girls, who’s hiding some reveals?

After a rousing, glam-filled introduction of all the contestants, RuPaul gets down to business with inspirational chats with the four finalists – Aquaria, Asia O’Hara, Eureka and Kameron Michaels – and their loved ones (oh my God, Kameron’s grandma – so sweet! Cue the tears!).

Grandma makes Kameron’s mascara run.

Next we are transported to Season 1 to see how far drag (and production values) have evolved over the seasons of RPDR, followed by – Ta Da! A lip synch medley! – from each of the Season 1 contestants alongside their Season 10 counterparts to Mama Ru’s impressive discography of tunes. Fear not – the Season 1 gals are holding their own just fine. You go, kitty girls!

On to the main event!

In a format reminiscent of Season 9’s lip synch duels, our four finalists would be facing off in two semi-finals with the winners of each facing off in a final, death-drop and reveal-loaded eleganza extravaganza for the crown that would make trained dolphins turn green with envy.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Bodybuilder Barbie Kameron Michaels was the winner of the Price Is Right-styled spinning wheel, meaning she got to choose her semi final competitor. Her choice? Asia O’Hara. The song? Janet Jackson’s “Nasty.” Sublime.

I know these butterflies are in here somewhere!

Then a curious thing happened. As four time lip synch assassin Kameron twirled and turnt it out, Asia, who’s an assassin in her own right, instead obsessed over her reveals – butterflies which were to flutter out from caged wrist corsages and from her Madonna/Blond Ambition Tour-styled breast cones. There was only one problem – the butterflies apparently were either a) suffering from stage fright, b) not in the mood to cooperate/perform, or c) mostly dead, so Asia’s big reveals were – pardon the pun – just a big bust. But man, she looked good.

Oh girl, no she DIDN’T!!! Monique and Vanjie look on in horror.

The winner? Kameron (in a fluttery landslide).

Next up – duel #2 between big girl Eureka and Aquaria, whom never having been in the bottom two, we’d had yet to see lip synch all season. And who knew?! Aquaria is a spinning, choreograph-filled aerobic dance machine that would put the Energizer Bunny to shame. Eureka slayed it with her own death drops and dance moves, though, both doing justice to Janet Jackson’s “If.” In a shocking twist, RuPaul declares a tie, with both contestants moving on to the final round.

Aquaria and Eureka, proving you don’t need a last name to slay a lip synch.

Season 9 Miss Congeniality (or is it fan favorite?) Valentina announced her successor via satellite from Berlin, Germany.

Valentina, you are so beautiful! You should be a model! -Aja, Season 9

The winner? A clearly shocked (and thrilled) Monét Xchange.

Miss Congeniality Monet Xchange, sans pussycat wig.

Time for the trio’s final lip synch – to “Bang Bang,” sung (ironically?) by another trio – Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. All three contestants slayed the lip synch, but one incorporated the perfect balance of dance moves, timed choreography and confetti cannons to edge out her competition.

The final lip synch was close.

The winner? Aquaria.

Hail your new queen!

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