The first look at Whitney, the new documentary about the life and 2012 death of pop superstar Whitney Houston, is now available.

The film, available in theaters July 6th, will focus on the singer’s talent as well as the pressures of stardom, including never-before-seen footage of Houston and interviews with husband Bobby Brown, mentor Clive Davis, The Bodyguard co-star Kevin Costner and her family members.

Director Kevin MacDonald, who received the support of Houston’s estate in the making of this documentary, is promising an “intimate and unflinching” look at Houston’s life and career.

Patricia Houston, the singer’s manager and executor of her estate, told Rolling Stone that MacDonald “captures all of Whitney’s magic, and he does not ignore the hard times. This is a film that will truly thrill all who knew and loved her.”

This is not the first documentary released about Houston. In 2017, Whitney: Can I Be Me (our review: was released, which details Houston’s involvement with drug abuse at an early age, mentor Clive Davis’ aggressive marketing of Houston’s career towards white audiences, and her backlash against her record company, Arista, after being booed at the 1989 Soul Train Music Awards.

Whitney: Can I Be Me is currently available on Showtime.

The new documentary, Whitney, will be available in theaters July 6th.

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