Creators of the popular horror series Fortitude recently announced a third and final season to the popular show set on a remote, fictional Arctic outpost in Norway’s Svalbard Islands. Four one-hour episodes are set to air later this year on Sky Atlantic in Europe and Amazon Video in the U.S. and Canada (free to Amazon Prime members).

Fans will tell you that several factors set this intriguing series apart from other shows in the horror genre: the frightening isolation of Arctic living, a surprisingly realistic premise, gorgeous Arctic landscapes, clever storytelling and captivating performances from Sofie Gråbøl, Richard Dormer (Game of Thrones) and Stanley Tucci respectively, as the beleaguered governor, sheriff and investigator.

The fictional town of Fortitude.

Season One

In season one, the normally peaceful, close-knit community of 700 was shaken when a mysterious spate of gruesome killings began just as thawing ice revealed long-buried prehistoric woolly mammoths. Authorities eventually made a terrifying discovery that would threaten all life on Earth.

One of the clever aspects of the story is that just when we think we have solve the mystery, writers of the twist-filled story remind us that things are rarely as they initially seem.

Season Two

Season two picks up just weeks later, with the shellshocked townsfolk facing a terrifying new crisis that has spread from a neighboring Russian settlement. While some of the prior season’s cast returns, new characters are introduced to replenish the dwindling population – among them, Dennis Quaid as a king crab fisherman and Michelle Fairley (Lady Catelyn Stark from Game of Thrones) as his terminally ill wife.

The season takes on a decidedly more mystical and gruesome tone. And in true Arctic quirkiness, reindeer urine plays a central role in the plot.

Dennis Quaid will be back in Season 3 of “Fortitude.”

Fans of GoT have no doubt noticed the appearance of two actors in both shows. That’s not just coincidence. Fortitude’s Arctic setting (the show is actually filmed on the eastern coast of Iceland with interior scenes in London) also has been the setting for some of the wintry scenes in GoT, which makes for some handy side work for GoT cast and crewmembers when filming for their show wraps.

Season Three

So what lies ahead for Season Three? Sky Atlantic says Dormer, Quaid and several others main characters from Season Two will return, along with a couple of new characters arriving to investigate the death of a high-ranking official from Season Two. And of course, there will be more drinking… and plot twists.

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