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17-year-old Eden, a scholarship student at a prestigious private school, wrangles an invite to a wealthy schoolmate’s house party, hoping to score a college recommendation letter from his Congressman father. But when she stumbles upon a horrible secret during the evening’s festivities, she finds herself fighting to stay alive, in this horror/thriller.

McKaley Miller in You’re Killing Me

As low budget slashers go, the entertaining and ridiculously titled You’re Killing Me at least keeps the action moving, despite a pretty basic story that somehow manages to get more incredibly ridiculous with each twist. McKaley Miller (Ma, Hart of Dixie) does an admirable job holding the wobbly story together, despite nearly every character in the film coming off as a total idiot.

Dermot Mulroney and Anne Heche in You’re Killing Me

About an hour into the film, Dermot Mulroney and Anne Heche, in one of her final films, appear as the villainous rich kid’s parents. It’s pretty obvious where the story is going, but even so, the plot still gets even goofier with directors Beth Hanna and Jerren Lauder leaving out some important footage (um, how DID they get out of the car?), before ending on a bonkers finale set to a synthesizer tune that could have been ripped straight from the classic Halloween. Hey, at least it will keep you paying attention. Horror fans, put your brains on autopilot and enjoy the ride.


Anne Heche, just moments before her deadly 2022 car accident.

• Anne Heche died in August 2022 while You’re Killing Me was in post-production, nearly a week after crashing her blue Mini Cooper into a house, leaving her severely burned and in a coma.

• Prior to her acting career, Texas native McKaley Miller was a competitive dancer, with experience in jazz, ballet, lyrical, tap, hip hop, and clogging.

You’re Killing Me was filmed in Georgia.



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