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former banker haunted by a mysterious past, his actress wife and their young daughter book a vacation getaway at a remote, contemporary-style house in Wales, where nothing is quite what it seems, in this psychological horror/mystery from writer/director David Koepp. It is very loosely based on the 2017 novel by Daniel Kehlmann.

Avery Tiiu Essex and Kevin Bacon, still not leaving, in You Should Have Left.

Despite the big name cast (Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried) and attempts to create a sense of foreboding with decent visuals and a creepy score, Koepp’s story about the blurring of imagination and reality is itself a blurred, confusing mess that just gets more nonsensical and annoying as it plods along. There are a lot of gaping holes in his story and lots of waiting for something big to happen – only it never really does.

Koepp is best known for a string of screenwriting hits that includes Jurassic Park, War of the Worlds and Mission Impossible. His efforts as a director, however, which include the Johnny Depp films Mortdecai and Secret Window and the 1999 Kevin Bacon horror/mystery Stir of Echoes, have all been duds, and sadly, this film continues that streak in a big wayKoepp should have left You Should Have Left alone.


Life House in Llanbister, Wales is a one story house.

• You Should Have Left was filmed at Life House, a contemporary vacation home in Llanbister, Wales that was designed and completed in 2016 by famed British architect John Pawson. It is available as a weekly vacation rental.

• Based on box office revenues of $2.3 BILLION dollars, 57-year-old, Wisconsin-born David Koepp is one of the ten most successful screenwriters of all time.

• Originally Nicholas Cage was set to star in the film.

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