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Ryan, a down-on-his-luck hotel chef from Dallas, travels to South America to visit his friend Jack, a private chef for mysterious, wealthy clientele from around the world. An unexpected incident gives Ryan the opportunity to assume Jack’s identity, only to learn that his friend’s seemingly fabulous gig is actually quite stomach-churning. Nick Stahl stars in this crime thriller.

Nick Stahl and Tamsin Topolski in What You Wish For

Without revealing the big gruesome twist, What You Wish For is an unsettling movie in a similar, dark vein as 2022’s The Menu, only way more realistic and therefore way more revolting. Even so, the story itself is quite engrossing – filled with lots of surprises.

Nick Stahl in What you Wish For

With the appearance of someone who has had a rough few years, Nick Stahl is convincing as the hapless chef who finds himself in an increasingly dire situation. The third act devolves a bit with a lot of unnecessary gore but the most shocking aspect of this grim story is how plausible it all is.


Mel Gibson and a young Nick Stahl in The Man Without a Face

• Nick Stahl’s big break was 1993’s The Man Without a Face co-starring Mel Gibson. After a years-long struggle with addiction and rehab, Stahl returned to acting in 2019.

What You Wish For writer/director Nicholas Tomnay also directed the 2010 crime comedy The Perfect Host, starring David Hyde Pierce.

What You Wish For was filmed in Colombia.


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