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A woman struggling emotionally with the approaching death of her terminally ill daughter Tuesday must face her daughter’s mortality when Death arrives in the form of a size-shifting, talking macaw. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Lola Petticrew star in this dramatic fantasy.

Lola Petticrew and Arinze Kene as the talking macaw in Tuesday

Writer/director Daina Oniunas-Pusic’s directorial debut is a bold one – filled with creative ideas and a very unconventional way of looking at death. And Louis-Dreyfus and Petticrew (Dating Amber) both give committed performances as the mother in denial about her daughter’s death and the suffering daughter who is very ready to die.

Lola Petticrew and Julia Louis Dreyfus in Tuesday

But anyone looking for a Terms of Endearment type payoff will be deeply disappointed. With its fantastical Alice in Wonderland-like, size shifting characters, the film itself is a tedious mess, from a tonally scattered screenplay to a story in the vein of 2017’s far superior A Monster Calls that, unlike that film, is just too strange to elicit emotions from its audience. Here’s to hoping Oniunas-Pusic’s concept-to-execution goes better next time.


• Croatian-born Daina Oniunas-Pusic previously wrote and directed the short films Rhonna and Donna and The Beast.

• Lola Petticrew was 25 years old when she played the role of 15-year-old Tuesday.

• Julia Louis-Dreyfus has the record for the most Emmys (eight, including six consecutive Emmys for the comedy series Veep) and the most SAG Awards (five out of 21 nominations).


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