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Michael Fassbender stars in this crime thriller, adapted from Jo Nesbø’s best-selling novel, about Oslo detective Harry Hole (cue the jokes!) who teams up with a brilliant protégé (Rebecca Ferguson) after a woman goes missing during the first snowfall of the season. Soon, they find themselves racing against the clock as a serial killer taunts them with his calling card, a snowman, at each gruesome murder scene. Director Tomas Alfredson (Let The Right One In, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) starts off well enough, setting a chilly mood juxtaposed against stunningly crisp visuals of Oslo, Bergen, and the Norwegian countryside. But about halfway through, his contrived plot meanders like one of those gorgeously photogenic Norwegian roads, only in this instance, into a world of tedium and boredom.  At least the Nordic scenery is nice to look at.

On HBO and Amazon.

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