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Stanley Tucci, Kieran Shipka (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) and Miranda Otto (Homeland) star in this Netflix sensory horror film about a family fleeing their New Jersey home after a plague of creatures unleashed from caves in the Appalachian Mountains create a mass extinction event. Um, okay. The creatures, which look like the byproduct of an orgy of gargoyles, fruit bats and  monsters from the Alien franchise, hunt solely based on sound. Sound familiar? Well get this – the family, whose daughter is deaf, can quietly communicate via American Sign Language. Turn on the subtitles and let the cheap knockoff of A Quiet Place begin!

Unlike the well-done A Quiet Place, this slapped together story features brainless characters making profoundly stupid choices, surpassed in their ridiculousness only by the introduction of a bizarre, tongue-less cult in the film’s last 20 minutes. Seriously – it makes absolutely no sense. The only bright spot in this scare-free horror film are the comparatively impressive CGI monsters, which the family’s son describes as smelling like crap. No son, that’s the stench of your embarrassingly bad film.


The Silence was adapted from the 2015 novel by Tim Lebbon.

• Stanley Tucci is the brother-in-law of Emily Blunt, star of A Quiet Place.

• Filming of A Quiet Place took place from May to November 2017. Filming of The Silence took place in September 2017.

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