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This horror flick joins the ranks of The Bye Bye Man, The Tall Man and the upcoming Slender Man, about a creepy demon that taps into the worst fears of those who summon them to scare the bejeesus out of, and ultimately, kill them. Word of caution – these “man” films are generally awful. This time we have some teens spewing the apparently requisite awkward dialogue, backed up by grandma scream queen Lin Shaye (of the Insidious films) and Robert Englund (yup, a gentler, softer side of old Freddy Krueger himself). For indy horror, this film has a surprisingly effective score, solid production values and excellent, gore-loaded special effects, despite a predictable story that defies Logic 101. Seriously, who stops to have a lengthy (and calm!) conversation while their friend is being attacked by a demon in the next room? And who runs out of matches to light the candle, the one thing that wards off the demon? The film certainly could have been better, but compared to others in this notoriously lame sub-genre, it is only half bad, which makes it… half good.

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