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After his scene-stealing moments In 2014’s popular The Lego Movie, it was inevitable that Will Arnett’s Batman would be the focus of the inevitable sequel. And like its predecessor, this movie is all about eye-popping visual effects and clever, rapid-fire dialogue that requires the full attention of moviegoers – a challenge, given the movie’s snooze-inducing second act.

The introduction of Batman’s myriad of villains, even the obscure ones, is a cute touch, although the film misses an opportunity by not giving them more screen time. The film does spring back to life in the final 30 minutes, delivering a sweet message about friends, family and teamwork, underscored with a gleefully silly edge, paying homage to such obscure topics as shark repellant, Jerry Maguire and the super obscure 1985 Kurt Thomas film, Gymkata. Arnett as Batman is Lego click perfect.

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