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This Netflix original young adult romantic-comedy stars Joey King (Wish Upon, Going In Style) and Lee Courtney (Super 8) as Elle and Lee, two lifelong best friends facing a dilemma when Elle secretly violates one of the long established rules of their friendship and falls for Lee’s sexy older brother Noah (Australian newcomer Jacob Elordi) after an unintentional smooch at a high school kissing booth fundraiser.

Yes, the story is super contrived, but this sweet, modern day knockoff of 80s rom-coms such as Sixteen Candles and Pretty In Pink with a dose of Mean Girls (it features Molly Ringwald as the boys’ mother and a remake of the Simple Minds hit song “Don’t You Forget About Me” from The Breakfast Club) is cute, mindless fun and the onscreen chemistry between real life couple King and Elordi is infectious, making this breezy film thoroughly enjoyable for fans of the “chick flick” genre.

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