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When a cheerful young Yeti (Channing Tatum) accidentally discovers that the mythical “smallfoot” (i.e. human) really does exist, it creates a quandary when the non-believing head of his Yeti tribe (Common) demands he refute his discovery or be banished from the community. Such is the Bigfoot script-flipping premise behind this animated musical comedy from writer/director Karey Kirkpatrick (writer of James and the Giant Peach and Chicken Run).

There is something in this well-crafted film from the Warner Animation Group for every type of moviegoer – entertaining visual effects and cute characters to delight young toddlers, silly Looney Tunes-type Wile E. Coyote physical humor for young children, and for everyone else, a laundry list of well-meaning life lessons: about personal integrity, not being afraid to question authority with fresh ideas, celebrating differences, and creating open lines of communication – all showcased with the added array of voices of Zendaya, James Corden, and Danny DeVito, and wrapped in a tidy bow of upbeat tunes. The only minor negative: the flurry of so many inspirational messages in one film at times feels more like a didactic blizzard than a gentle, entertaining snowfall. Still, a rousing good time with a big heart.

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