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Two college friends quarantining at a lake house during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic find themselves terrorized by a knife-wielding, masked intruder, in this pandemic-themed horror/thriller on Peacock from Scream creator Kevin Williamson and his assistant Katelyn Crabb.

Beth Million and Gideon Adlon in Sick

Under the helm of director John Hyams (Alone), Williamson and Crabb have crafted a pretty taut thriller, even with a plot that borrows very heavily from Williamson’s prior work. Set to our not-so-distant era of masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper shortages and looming death from the plague, Gideon Adlon (Blockers) and Beth Million (And Just Like That…) are the privileged, pleasantly self-absorbed girls first dealing with creepy, anonymous texts and soon after, a murderous psycho.

Gideon Adlon in Sick

At one point, Sick will start to feel like a cheap knockoff of Scream. Stick with it. Hyams’ editing, cleverly shifting from reveals of the shadowy killer in the background to gruesomely violent close-up perspectives of the victims, culminates in a clever, timely twist. And coming in at less than an hour and a half, Sick is well enough not to overstay its welcome.


Sick was filmed in and around Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah.

• The scene featuring an urban legend about a mother, baby and a snake is a repeat from the Dawson’s Creek episode “The Scare.” Williamson was the creator of that series.

Marc Menchaca and Julia Garner in Ozark

• Marc Menchaca (Ozark) also appeared in director John Hyams’ 2020 thriller, Alone.


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