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A couple of cell phone-addicted Brooklynites decide to unplug and relax at a friend’s cabin in upstate New York, just as an alien invasion happens, in this quirky, indie sci-fi comedy.

The threadbare plot wears thin after just 15 minutes of watching the clueless, self absorbed millennials wallow in their helplessness. The story, from writer/directors Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson, just isn’t that funny and is really slow, which means we have to endure another 30 minutes before we even see the aliens, which look like goofy, poofy, slightly supersized Tribbles from the original Star Trek series.

Sunita Mani and Jack Reynolds in Save Yourselves.

Sunita Mani (GLOW, Mr. Robot) and Jack Reynolds (Search Party, Stranger Things), with his more hipster, Ned Flanders/The Simpsons vibe, are sweetly earnest, but lack believability as the hapless couple. And despite the adorable baby’s cute facial expressions, the pointless story’s even more pointless ending is a real “uh… ok” moment. If only the film was as good as its much cuter trailer…


• Amy Sedaris has a voicemail cameo in Save Yourselves as Jack’s mom.

• The baby in the third act is actually triplets: @tripping_over_triplets on Instagram.

Save Yourselves was filmed in Brooklyn and in Ulster County, New York.


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