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Nick (Hugh Jackman) is a memory detective in a dystopian, flooded Miami of the future, using chemicals and a hologram machine called reminiscence, to transport clients back into past memories. When a new client (Rebecca Ferguson) disappears, his obsession to find her uncovers a deadly conspiracy in this sci-fi/romantic mystery.

Hugh Jackman in Reminiscence.

Director Lisa Joy (Westworld) and husband Jonathan clearly intended to one-up his brother, director Christopher Nolan (Inception, Interstellar, Tenet) in the nonsensical plot department – creating a stylish, weirdly confusing, film noiry-type detective thriller. It borrows heavily from Blade Runner and Minority Report. But what it really is, with its embarrassingly awful  dialogue, is a pretentious, tedious hot mess. It literally makes no sense.

Rebecca Ferguson and Hugh Jackman in Reminiscence.

The only two bright spots in this low wattage extravaganza are Thandiwe Newton, as Jackman’s assistant, and wide shots of flooded, climate-distressed Miami. The bizarre story finally gets back on the rails ever so slightly in the third act – but with such a repellent first hour and a half, it is highly unlikely you’ll still be watching.


• Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson co-starred in 2017’s The Greatest Showman.

• Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, creators of Westworld, also worked with Reminiscence co-stars Thandiwe Newton and Angela Sarafyan on the popular HBO series.

• Thandiwe Newton formerly went professionally by the name Thandie, but decided to re-add the “w” in 2021.


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