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Category is?! 1980s New York vogue ball realness! Yes, for his last TV series for FX, Ryan Murphy (Glee, American Horror Story), has achieved a first – the largest recurring transgender cast in TV history – in a surreal, enthralling, and wonderfully entertaining show about competing vogue “houses.” Pose is a ridiculously glammed up, inaccuracy-laden, hyper-unrealistic knockoff (or is it homage??) to the iconic LGBTQ documentary Paris is Burning.  

That said, the actual entertainment factor of this series is 10s! 10s! 10s across the board with a super fun, 80s soundtrack; a soap opera story that deftly juggles humor with serious topics like HIV, teen homelessness, and homophobia; and mesmerizing performances from its starring lineup of relative unknowns Mj Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, Mike Porter, and Indya Moore. Pose is just big and bold enough that it could snatch some trophies come Emmy season.

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