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After years of relatable, girl-next-door roles, Jennifer Garner channels her early Alias TV series years in this rehash of the 2009 Gerard Butler film Law Abiding Citizen, as nice mommy-turned-vigilante badass, after a drug gang kills her husband and daughter and evades prison due to a corrupt legal system.

Although the implausible, predictable revenge story is ridiculously silly, it is gratifying watching the immensely likable and talented Garner rack up an impressive body count of bad guys under the fast-paced direction of Pierre Morel (Taken). The best scene, however, is the “reunion” between Garner and the the mean girl mom who tried to ruin her daughter’s birthday earlier in the film. Somewhere in that moment is an awesome revenge comedy waiting to break free from this sloppily written, cliché-filled misfire.

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