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A closeted 17-year-old Serbian immigrant in Melbourne, Australia experiences a sexual awakening when a chance encounter introduces him to his first love – the older gay brother of his amateur ballroom dancing partner – in this LGBTQ+ romantic drama set in 1999.

Hattie Hook, Thom Green and Elias Anton in Of An Age

On the heels of his impressively trippy 2022 folk horror debut You Won’t Be Alone, writer/director Goran Stolevski tells a sweet, melancholic tale of what-could-have-beens in this coming-of-age romance. Subtle side glances and stolen moments capture the instant attraction between the duo, well played by Elias Anton and Thom Green, set to a time capsule backdrop of the more homophobic, late 1990s.

Elias Anton in Of An Age

Despite the romantic drama’s realistic vibe, the first hour is exceptionally slow, redeemed somewhat by the interesting where-are-they-now time jump 11 years later in its final half hour. The story will touch the heartstrings of anyone who has felt the sting of a first love hampered by time and circumstance, although the lethargic pacing makes the bittersweet story feel a bit more like a missed chance encounter itself.


Goran Stolevski at a February 7, 2023 screening of Of An Age in Los Angeles.

• Openly gay Macedonian-born writer/director Goran Stolevski emigrated to Australia as a teenager.

Ben Kindon, Rhys Mitchell, Andrew Creer and Elias Anton In 2016’s Barracuda

• Melbourne native Elias Anton is also known for his lead role in the 2016 TV miniseries Barracuda, about an Australian swimmer with dreams of competing in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

• Thom Green appeared in the 2010 Australian teen dramatic series Dance Academy.


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