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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will involve watching Tom Cruise live out his fantasy of being a stuntman for a torturous TWO AND A HALF HOURS on the big screen. Yes, Cruise is back as spymaster Ethan Hunt in this sixth installment in the Mission Impossible franchise, this time leading his IMF team on a joint mission with a CIA assassin (Henry Cavill) to stop a terrorist group from launching a nuclear attack aimed at destroying a third of the world’s population. This sequel has all the clichéd dialogue, contrived spy vs. spy cloak and dagger melodrama, and ridiculously over the top action sequences we’ve come to expect from the franchise over the years. And then there are the car chases. And foot chases. And helicopter chases. And probably other chases that we can’t recall due to the pulse-pounding, mind-numbing sensory overload of action, that while entertaining, is way too long, and fails to mask a laughably silly, convoluted storyline that takes itself way too seriously. Cavill, however, is a nice, fresh addition to the film, as is the super charismatic Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret in Netflix’s The Crown) as the sarcastic, knife-wielding White Widow. In all, a fun, albeit mindless, film that will likely self-destruct from your memory five seconds after leaving the theater.

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