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The lone survivor of the 1979 Texas massacre immortalized in 2022’s X, now an 1980s-era adult film star on the verge of her big break in mainstream Hollywood horror, takes matters into her own hands when a serial killer emulating the infamous Night Stalker starts killing her co-workers and friends. Mia Goth stars in this third film in director Ty West’s horror trilogy.

Mia Goth and Halsey in Maxxine

With groovy 80s pop tunes, cheesy split screen action, lots of cocaine use, and some spot-on period production and costuming, director Ty West’s stylish follow up to 2022’s one-two horror punch X and its prequel Pearl is an exceptionally gory and fun thrill ride back to the sleazier Hollywood of the 1980s. Set to a backdrop that includes the iconic Hollywood sign, studio soundstages, and what was Mann’s Chinese Theater, Goth is phenomenal as the titular badass traumatized by her past but hellbent on not letting a pesky serial killer stop her from becoming a star. The way she deals with those who want to harm her is shocking. Don’t cross Maxine.

Mia Goth in Maxxine

Featuring an impressive supporting cast that includes Elizabeth Debicki as the film director, Kevin Bacon as a super sleazy private investigator, Halsey as a fellow adult film actress, Bobby Carnavale and Michelle Monaghan as the police detectives, and Lily Collins as the scream queen star of the horror film, this stylish crime horror/thriller culminates in one deliriously bonkers but thoroughly entertaining and gruesome climax.


• Filmmakers went “old school” in shooting Maxxine, using the same camera equipment used in that era and avoiding modern filmmaking techniques.

• Mia Goth is the granddaughter of Brazilian actress Maria Gladys.

• An extra in the film, James Hunter, in January filed a lawsuit against Mia Goth, director Ty West and the production company A24, accusing Goth of intentionally kicking him in the head during a take and then bullying him to not report the assault.


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