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Ex-Project Runway duo Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn star in this way sexier and more modern reality design competition on Amazon Prime. Each episode’s winner will have his/her look be immediately available for purchase on Amazon.

Where this show differs (and is fresher) is that the contestants are already established designers who come from all over the globe (Amazon IS seen in more than 200 countries after all). The settings are international (the first two episodes in Paris) and the contestants are each assigned a seamstress, giving them more time to focus on design, rather than sewing, as they vie for the season’s $1 million prize. Oh – and supermodel Naomi Campbell is a judge. Her withering looks and commentary alone are worth tuning in.

The show is definitely a step up from Project Runway, with (for now at least) more focus on camaraderie and brand building than silly workroom drama. Klum is delightfully kooky and Gunn the reliable therapist and sounding board for the frazzled competitors. What we do miss is the judges’ top three/bottom three critiques that makes Project Runway such a crowd pleaser. But Making the Cut’s fresh, exuberant energy makes it a winner.


• Each week’s winning look is available on Amazon at the Making the Cut store.

• More than one competitor can be cut each episode and Amazon releases two new episodes each Friday.

• Heidi Klum says she and Tim Gunn love what they did with Project Runway, jokingly calling the show “the longest marriage I’ve been in. But it got kind of stale.”

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