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MTV reaches a new high (or is it a low?) in attempted shock value with its latest reality TV series starring Lindsay Lohan, who auditions a group of wannabe VIP hosts vying to make her beach club on the Greek isle of Mykonos the epitome of vacation luxury. The “twist” is that these young, hardbodied, vodka-swizzling contestants will be doing all of this while blurring the lines between work, friendship and romance – you know, like any good employee would. 🤪

What’s interesting about this vapid reality TV show is not that it is an unveiled glimpse inside the secret lives of service industry workers – that part truly sucks – but rather, Lohan – the train wreck former movie star turned party girl/jailbird, turned we’re-not-quite-sure-what-she-is-now. Every time there is a lull in the action – and there are a LOT of lulls, these “contestants” are super boring – Lohan floats by in flowy party pants spouting off some brainless one-liner about being a boss bitch or the contestants needing to work hard to help build her brand. It is like a throwaway Saturday Night Live skit in the comedy show’s final half hour, because IT IS SO INCREDIBLY BORING. While there may an inclination to check it out for the sole purpose of seeing whether the series is unintentionally hilarious and/or tragically fascinating, it is sadly neither. As a reality TV show, it is a complete and utter disaster. Don’t expect a second season – this boring beach club closed last September.


• Lindsay Lohan currently lives in Dubai (where paparazzi is banned).

• This is Lindsay Lohan’s second solo reality TV series – the first, Lindsay, aired on OWN in 2014

All that remains of Lohan Beach House in Mykonos

• Lindsay Lohan and Greek business partner Panos Spentzos (who ran the club’s day to day operations) also opened the Lohan Nightclub in Athens and Lohan Beach House on the isle of Rhodes. Lohan’s last film was 2013’s The Canyons.

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