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Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish star in this comedy about business partner/besties who team up  with a cosmetics tycoon (Salma Hayek) to save their financially-struggling cosmetics company. When they discover that the conniving makeup magnate is trying to tear them apart and seize control of their company, they must settle their differences and reunite to save both their company and their friendship.

The ultimate irony of Like A Boss, with its message of female empowerment, is that it was written by two men who apparently think that it is empowering for women to sit around telling raunchy coochie jokes. So in that regard, the film, along with its stale, paper thin plot, is a major misfire. But you know what? More often than not, the film DOES work, thanks solely to the onscreen chemistry and likability of its naturally funny leading ladies, which has Byrne blending her amazing comic timing from Bridesmaids and Spy with Haddish, who shows more of her larger than life personality from Girls Trip than she has in other recent films. Supporting cast members Jennifer Coolidge (Legally Blonde) and Billy Porter (Pose) even manage to squeeze out some memorable one-liners from their one-note characters.

So yes, while this very basic, breezy film is itself instantly forgettable, the laughs from Byrne and Haddish make it worth seeing, along with its more sincerely illustrated message, that friendship can be one of life’s great romances.


• Salma Hayek previously worked with director Miguel Arteta in 2017’s Beatriz at Dinner.

Like a Boss, originally titled Limited Partners, was previously scheduled for a summer 2019 release but was pushed back to January 2020.

Like a Boss was filmed in Atlanta and features a slew of recognizable landmarks – among them, The High Museum, The Woodruff Arts Center and Lips drag restaurant.


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