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Did you ever see the Melissa McCarthy comedies The Boss or Tammy? Probably not – both were huge box office bombs written by McCarthy and directed by her husband, Ben Falcone.

Guess what? So is this film. And guess what? It is ten times worse. The story is an insult to the intelligence of moviegoers – a humorless rip off of Rodney Dangerfield’s way funnier, 1986 comedy Back to School, her own megahit Bridesmaids and the cute Anna Faris 2008 comedy The House Bunny.

McCarthy stars as Deanna, a longtime stay-at-home mom who decides to join her daughter at college after being dumped by her husband. The story is pointless, the characters are irritatingly one dimensional and with the exception of a couple of cute scenes, embarrassing in just how unfunny it is.

Over her career, McCarthy has had some truly hysterical hits – Bridesmaids, Spy, and The Heat – she needs to stick to acting and leave the writing (and her husband, the directing) to others. This movie is “walk out and demand a refund” terrible – one party to avoid at all costs.

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