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On the one-year anniversary of her brother’s tragic, fatal car accident, a young waitress in the Austrian ski resort town of Kitzbühel infiltrates a group of rich teenagers from Munich during their annual holiday to exact her elaborate plan of revenge, in this Netflix mystery/thriller.

Bless Amada, Valerie Huber, Sofie Eifertinger and Krista Tcherneva in Kitz.

Set in the gorgeous Austrian Alps, the six episode, German language crime drama starts off as a thinly-veiled exercise in class warfare between the working class against the über rich, with the look and feel of fun, mindless, trash TV. Imagine a soapy mashup of Mean Girls with the TV series Revenge. (Where is Madeline Stowe when you need her?!) The visuals of Kitzbühel are also a nice touch. Party! Party!

Sofie Eifertinger and Bless Amada in Kitz.

But predictably, our protagonist falls for the boyfriend of the target of her revenge, and the threadbare plot quickly devolves into a mind-numbingly dull, young adult melodrama. Despite that, its star, Sofie Eifertinger, has a winsome charm reminiscent of a young Laura Linney, and Valerie Huber’s Baroness Vanessa con Höhenfeldt is just the right amount of chic rich bitch that watching her demise is a delight, at least until the twisty series limps to a not so satisfying finalé.


Kitz was filmed in Kitzbühel, Austria and Munich, Germany.

• Although only 26, German-born Sofie Eifertinger, who was born on New Year’s Day in 1996, has been acting since her 2012 debut in the TV series Schafkopf.

Valerie Huber at the 2014 Miss Earth Austria pageant.

• Austrian-born Valerie Huber, born just three days after Eifertinger, was the 2014 Miss Earth Austria.



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