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Standup comedian and St. Louis native Kathleen Madigan delivers her unique (and absolutely hilarious) brand of observational comedy in this hour-long special on Amazon, her first TV special since 2016’s Bothering Jesus.

Kathleen Madigan in Kathleen Madigan: Hunting Bigfoot

The former journalist who got her start in comedy at the urging of her father pokes fun at a wide range of people. Madigan riffs on what she did during the COVID pandemic (nothing!), old people’s confusion over the #MeToo movement, the phenomenon of furries, the work ethic of twenty-somethings, way too old politicians running the country, the perils of being friends with family members on social media, the joy of being an Avis Wizard, and – you guessed it – hunting for Bigfoot.

Kathleen Madigan in Kathleen Madigan: Hunting Bigfoot

Her show is briskly paced and funny without being mean – the kind of comic that can rip a political zinger that will make even the intended target chuckle. Madigan also has fun with the country’s different accents, doing great Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump impersonations. Welcome back, Kat – we missed ya!


• Kathleen Madigan, who also hosts Madigan’s Pubcast podcast, splits her time between her home in Los Angeles and her family farm in the Midwest.

Kathleen Madigan with Lewis Black on Ask Me Another at the Bell House in Brooklyn, New York.

• Currently single, Madigan considers frequent collaborator Lewis Black, whom she previously dated, as her best friend.

• In 1996, Madigan won “Funniest Female Stand-Up Comic” at the American Comedy Awards.

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  1. Gary March 1, 2023

    Saw her new video yesterday, very good, very funny! There's so much to it, I may watch it again, soon.

  2. Michele March 22, 2023

    I watched her special on Amazon. I loved it and really laughed out loud. I enjoy her timing and her brand of humor. So much fun…