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After being contacted by a mother claiming her young son has been taken by wolves, wolf researcher Russell Core (Jeffrey Wright) arrives at an outpost in the remote Alaskan wilderness to track down and locate the boy, just as the missing boy’s father (Alexander Skarsgård) is returning from the war in Iraq. But as the search gets underway, Core discovers there is much more afoot than he initially was led to believe.

Director Jeremy Saulnier, on the heels of his impressive 2015 indy horror/thriller Green Room, keeps the tension high and the pacing taut in this testosterone-driven, violent mystery/thriller with a staggeringly-high body count and convincing performances from Wright (The Hunger Games sequels) Skarsgård (True Blood, Pretty Little Lies) and Riley Keough (Mad Max: Fury Road), set in a creepily remote and starkly picturesque setting.

Although the story feels scattered and not fully baked, and strains the limits of believability towards its finale, it is, if nothing else,  interesting.

On Netflix.

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