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This sweet, feel good indy flick from writer/director Brett Haley (The Hero) is about a middle-aged, single father (Nick Offerman), who, in the midst of a midlife crisis over the pending closure of his vintage record shop in Brooklyn, forms an alternative music duo with his teenage daughter (Kiersey Clemons), just months before she is to leave for college on the West Coast. While the pleasant, simple story doesn’t break new ground in father/daughter relationships, Offerman (Parks and Recreation) is at his quirky, charming best, and Clemons, who co-stars in the upcoming DC Comics film The Flash, is truly remarkable, both as an actress and a singer, giving what could have been an easily-overlooked film a big heart. An added plus is the strong supporting cast (Toni Collette, Ted Danson, Blythe Danner), whom each portray endearing, realistic characters found in everyday life.

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