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This Netflix series claims to be six true stories of real life horror, told by survivors, group therapy style, to friends and family. Imagine creeped up Dr. Phil episodes (without Dr. Phil), interspersed with highly-produced, actor re-enactments of spooky basements, alien abductions, ghosts and demons, with all of the requisite jump scares and sounds. While most of the episodes are somewhat entertaining, just because of the claims of them being true, one – episode two – stands out due to its highly disturbing, but so far unverified, claim by now adult children of alleged serial killer parents in the 1970s in upstate New York, that if true, would be a major news story. (Alas, to date there is no evidence of such killings of dozens of drifters, or “strays” as they are called.) If there is some truth to this story, showcasing it in this format is in incredibly poor taste and exploitive of the subjects. If the story is fiction, then it is just as exploitive, just in its deception of viewers.

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