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To most, Scientology is just a bizarro celebrity-filled cult. This explosive HBO documentary shows it as something exponentially more sinister, under the helm of leader David Miscavige, who, in 1993, successfully bullied the IRS into labeling it a church and granting it tax exempt status (to forego a billion dollar tax bill that would have spelled its demise). The documentary includes unsurprising details of the indoctrination process, the ludicrous core beliefs which read like the many awful science fiction novels founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote before creating this “religion,” and Nazi-esque data collection, brainwashing and blackmailing of its members to keep them in line. But what will truly shock you is the horrific tales from former Scientology leaders of widespread torture, enslavery, harassment techniques and child abuse, as well as jaw-dropping details about Scientology golden boy/creepazoid Tom Cruise. This is one of the scariest films of the year – true life horror.

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