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Emily Blunt is Rachel, a raging alcoholic seemingly obsessed with her ex-husband Tom and the new home-wrecking wife who has replaced her in the very house where she once lived. She spends her days riding a commuter train past their house and the house two doors down, where beautiful Megan (Haley Bennett) seems to have the perfect marriage – until one day Rachel starts a crazy string of events. Cue the drama! The clever and intricate story, based on the hugely-popular novel by Paula Hawkins (which I must now read), appears to have been a tough one to translate to the big screen, since it’s tricky nuances feel more like a clumsy hybrid of amnesiac Memento guy meets Gone Girl (on a Train) with all the crazy timeline flashbacks that should have come with a complementary flowchart. That aside, the story’s theme, that appearances are RARELY what they seem, is an interesting attention grabber and very well done, and Emily Blunt’s performance, as always, is spot on. Corkscrew, anyone?

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