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This low budget indie dramedy is about a corporate accountant still sad from his divorce, who breaks out of his everyday routine in Los Angeles when his best friend at work goes missing, leaving him a trail of clues as to her whereabouts throughout National Parks across the West.

Once you get past a slow start, a contrived premise and some pretty clunky, amateurish production techniques, you will find yourself increasingly invested in writer/star/director Tom Huang’s sweet story celebrating the virtues of travel and embracing the beauty of nature to find ones place in the world. Sara Amini (Future Man, Misery Loves Company) delivers an endearing performance, mostly through pre-recorded, videotaped segments left for Huang’s character at key points in his travels. It’s easy to see how her charismatic character could lure anyone on such an odyssey. Huang’s low key, deadpan delivery also helps sell the story’s authenticity.

A nice twist and some gorgeous scenery from Zion, Death Valley and Yosemite National Parks is an added bonus to this well-crafted, inspirational tearjerker. It just may inspire you to hit the road for some nature travel yourself.


• Indie filmmaker Tom Huang also has written for various TV networks, including ABC, CBS and UPN, and on sitcoms such as Sons & Daughters, Still Standing and The Mullets.

• Sara Amini stars as Thimble on the comedy series Future Man on Hulu.

• Interested in visiting one of America’s National Parks? Click here.


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